CRM & Lead Funnel

All your buyers, sellers and leads at a glance

Active clients are automatically filtered into buyer and seller groups so you can easily see who you should be contacting and when. All of your contacts are stored in a secure online database that can be accessed from any computer or web-enabled phone or PDA.


Organize your contacts into specific groups (i.e. baby boomers, condo dwellers, people who work for a certain employer, recent buyers, warm leads, etc.) and make sense of your book. Use this to categorize your A, B and C leads.

Lead funnel

Categorize your contacts into levels from hot to cold. Focus on the folks that have shown an interest or are ready to buy or sell. A simple drag-and-drop tool lets you move contacts around based on their "heat" level.

Jumptools screenshot

Referral tracking

Find out where your leads and sales are coming from. When you know who is recommending you, you can reward them - and encourage them to send even more leads your way.

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